Portrait Procedure & Fees


Each portrait is created with the finest materials to ensure the painting to last for several generations. Your portrait will be custom designed to reflect not only the likeness but the spirit as well. In order to provide you with such a painting several steps are necessary.

The First Meeting
During the initial meeting we will discuss your ideas and desires for your portrait. Generally this consists of where it will hang, the approximate size and overall effect. Your input is essential at this point. My goal is to listen, get to know the subject and make any recommendations I may feel appropriate, such as type of clothing, background(s), personal items to consider placing in the portrait along with artistic guidance. Some preliminary photography may take place at this point.

I will photograph the subject for use as reference material for the portrait. This may be up to 100 shots with adjustments, usually minor, to capture enough reference for the portrait. This step can take 2 - 3 hours. For posthumous portraits as well as vignettes and other sizes, John will review your sources for use as reference material.

The Color Study
Initially, a small preliminary color study for skin tones is created during photography. After photography the images are reviewed. From this review a small color study, usually at my studio, is created to confirm composition, lighting, color, cropping and general feel. Once the color study is approved the painting can begin. A final sitting may be necessary for small details or adjustments.

John is available for help in choosing your frame for aesthetic and archival purposes.